Welcome to Panalove!

Welcome to Panalove!

Greetings to all the fly diva's and cool kids who have made it over to our site! We love you and appreciate your patronage and support so dearly. PANALOVE is a brand that was founded by CEO and founder Dellasie.

DELLA$IE is a renowned recording artist, fashionista, socialite and philanthropist. She built this brand to house runway/couture-inspired looks and styles that would fit the everyday fashionista's budget. She was inspired by her own tragic story during the middle of the covid crisis. She lost a very close friend, confidante, business partner and loved one. His death changed her life drastically -- emotionally and financially. After months and months of depression and mourning, she was inspired to push herself and build this store to cater to women just like her... Women with strong vision, passion, personality and style. Women who had also been effected by the pandemic in ways that caused them to adjust their budgets and their lifestyles. PANALOVE is a place where you an exude superstar diva style on ANY budget! And we just LOVE to see it! 

Check out our store, and subscribe to our newsletter where we will update you on pre-sales, sales, new items and exciting deals. We are excited to build a community of people like you to love and share in the joy of fashion. Welcome! 

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