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Style-File: Ellen Nielsen

Style-File: Ellen Nielsen

Hey Diva's! 

Welcome to our new series entitled "Style-File" where we will be featuring a dynamic and fashionable woman doing wonderful things in her community each month! I am proud to introduce our very first inductee -- the beautiful influencer (and so much more): Ellen Nielsen! Check out this fly diva's  interview below:

1.) For those that may not know you, please let us know who you are, why you are so influential, and all the wonderful things that you do! (You can include any upcoming projects you are working on)

Thank you! My name is Ellen, and I would call myself a travel and enjoyment lover. My page is definitely about living my best life with all the amazing friends I’ve met through social media in the past years. I run a free dating/friend platform ( which features people from all over the world looking for friends and love. In my free time I prioritize traveling. My goal is to try to see as much of the world as possible! I’m working on educating myself further in order to better communicate with all the wonderful people I come across and have been coming across the past many years. 

2. You have fantastic style! Where do you pull your inspiration from (a fashion icon? a culture? a mood? your lifestyle? someone influential in your life?) 
Thank you so much! My style is definitely very mixed but I love love love whenever I can incorporate Ghanaian and Nigerian designs. 
That’s probably when I feel the most beautiful. I take the most inspiration from pages like @asoebibella and Ankara pages! Those pages definitely live rent free in my head and I love just scrolling through Nigerian and Ghanaian wedding pages to look at the outfits! It doesn’t get any better to me! I used to be a typical Danish person (we wear a lot of black) but I would say that since I started traveling to west Africa a decade ago, I started wearing a lot more color. It’s like bright colors just have a way of brightening moods! I love it. It's the definition of happiness and positivity for me! 

3. What fashion trend do you love, and what fashion trend makes you want to gag?

I would not call myself a fashionista at all, I literally wear  whatever I feel like and whatever makes me happy! One day it’s a tracksuit and the next day it’s a princess dress... As for trends I’m definitely loving how we see African inspired prints all around now but what makes me gag is big fashion brands taking credit for it! 

4. What does your personal style mean to you, and when do you feel like you discovered your own personal style? 

As earlier mentioned my personal style depends on whatever day it is and whatever mood I am in. That means I’m under no pressure whatever to look or act a certain way when it comes to fashion. I definitely feel like the whole embracing of colors have made not only my style but my life more positive. It’s all about being able to feel like a happy rainbow on a rainy day!

5. Do you have a favorite fashion brand (or several) — if so who are they and why? 

When it comes to bags yes! I love Louis Vuitton bags! When we’re talking clothes, again, it’s literally what catches my eye, makes me happy and what I feel comfortable in. Whenever I visit Ghana, my favorite thing is to go to the big markets and find my own fabrics and create my own designs. 

6. What is your favorite piece of clothing/accessory that you own and why? 
I definitely like to accessorize with my favorite handbags. I’ve never been good at wearing jewelry, that’s something I want to be better at. I love it when I see women dress up and I feel like everyday can be a self made occasion to feel and look special. 

7. What piece was your favorite and really spoke to you after browsing through PANALOVE boutique — and why? 

I would have to say the “Ellen dress”. Not only because it’s named after me, which is SUCH an honor by the way, but also because I love love love dresses that show off a woman’s curves! 

You can follow Ellen online, and keep up with this international jet-setter and all of her fashionable adventures right here: @EllenBaby89
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