We been gone for a minute but we back with the JUMP-OFF! Get into this latest installment of STYLE FILE with NYC's gorgeous, stylish and uber-talented rap diva (a legend, tbh) -- DAI BURGER!! 
1. For those that may not know you (as if!), please let us know who you are, why you are influential, and all the wonderful things that you do!
Hey Yallz! Im Dai Burger (pronounced DAY) and I am NYC’s Rainbow Rapping, Stage Slaying, Fashion Icon Extraordinaire! I started my career as a backup dancer and a stylist at Patricia Field NYC. From there, my music & performing career just… bloomed! Find me on all streaming Platforms xo
2. You have fantastic style! Where do you pull your inspiration from (a fashion icon? a culture? a mood? a lifestyle? someone influential in your life?):
My style is heavily influenced by the past! I loveeee the whole Y2k aesthetic, because those were my teenage years and it's still just so playful & enjoyable for me. I love vintage, mixed with a splash of designer, mixed with whatever else I see fit! Colors play a big part in my style as well, I love anything rainbow and I liveee for a color block or monochromatic look. All outfits should tell a story, even if it's a color story!
3. What fashion trend do you love , and what fashion trend makes you want to gag (in a bad way lol):
My fave trend are colored eyebrows! It's just such a cute, easy way to complete  or spruce your look and makeup. As for a gagger, I am sooo over the Furry slides! Around the way sure, but I see some folks using them to complete full fab looks. Go put some shoes on beloved….
4. What does your personal style mean to you, and at what point in your life do you feel like you truly discovered your own personal style:
By the grace of the Style Gawds, I’ve always had a secure sense of self. The journey of learning who I am allowed me the time and space to experiment with many different looks, different styles, different anything! And I was never afraid to try that hair, or wear those platforms, or reconfigure that T-shirt. My personal style has yet to be fully discovered because I’m evolving every day! Style is Infinite Hunney!
5. Do you have a favorite fashion brand (or several) — if so who are they and why:
I can’t stress how much of a Thrifter I am! Why? because it’s cheap and you’re more likely to find one of a kind or exclusive items. So this is a fave pastime of mine, forever. But when i feel like being a lil extra or flexing on em a bit, you will absolutely catch me in some Balenciaga or Moschino. I love a classic Italian design because it offsets the quirky colorful outfits I usually am sporting.
6. What is your favorite piece of clothing/accessory that you own and why:
7. What were your top 3 favorite pieces that stood out to you after browsing through PANALOVE boutique for a bit (and why):
I’m obsessed with sets because it's like, instant cute outfit! So i am lovingggg “The Laila Set” because its colorful & sexy but looks comfy like I can hang all day in it. “The Svetlana Jumpsuit” is BANGING! It's chic, it's a catsuit, and that pop of color?! Baybeeee! And last but not leasttt, totally loving “The Zuri Dress”! It's sheer, it's animal print and DO NOT tempt me with a matching head wrap!! For me, these are considered MUST-HAVES! xo
.....and that's a WRAP, guys! Isn't she the most adorable?? We have been following Dai's amazing career since day one and we are so proud of all of her many accomplishments that she is so humble about! You have heard her work on Netflix, HBO, Showtime, etc -- and all over the web! She's an international superstar repping NYC to the fullest like only a sexy, fly diva like Dai can do! STEP INTO IT, and follow her on all her SM pages, plus find her on your fave streaming services! BITE THE BEST BURGER IN TOWN ---> ON SOUNDCLOUD, YOUTUBE, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, FACEBOOK .... LET'S GO! 

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