Item of the Day: The Cassidy Blouse

The Cassidy blouse is a chic, oversized, single-breasted blouse that looks FABULOUS with jeans and heels. It's giving, "I stole my boyfriend's shirt because I can rock it better than he can" vibes... Yesss, diva's! Work it! The streets are your runway, and you are SLAYING!
There are a few cool ways to style this look -- like tucking it in, leaving it out -- or doing a combination like the image above... You can use it as an extra layering piece over a dress, or a jumpsuit... You can even serve a cool cropped look by tying it at the waist. And this top looks fab with skirts as well! Give it some attitude and do what ya feel! 
Typically a "one size" moment is a no-no on PANALOVE, but this piece was just too scrumptious to pass up! Since it's oversized it will fit most between the S-L parameters just fine. SIZE CHART INCLUDED. Woven cotton/polyester blend. 
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